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Adam D. Musser, PhD

As an educational researcher, I am committed to humanizing research methodologies that center the brilliance of young people as they navigate our social systems. I situate my work at the intersections of youth literacy practices, teacher education, and transformative justice, asking how young people imagine freedom in spaces of incarceration, how restorative justice pedagogies allow teachers to repair harm, and how educational research can be designed for greater justice, liberation, and joy. As an editor, I bring these commitments to the work of preparing your projects and scholarship for the audiences that need them.


Education (Language, Literacy, & Culture)
University of California, Davis


Toward What Freedom: Youth Literacies and Knowledges in a Carceral State. (2021). [Doctoral dissertation, University of California.]. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

Read it here.

Critical Literacy and Abolition. (2021). WITH co-authors J. A. Coles, R. S. de Roock,, & H. L. S. Malone.  In J. Z. Pandya, R. A. Mora, J. Alford, N. A. Golden, & R. S. de Roock (Eds.), The Handbook of Critical Literacies. Routledge.

Check it out here.

Restoring What Matters: Classroom Reflections on Language Practices and Ideologies. (2021). WITH co-author H. Graham. In M. T. Winn & L. T. Winn (Eds.), Restorative justice in education: Transforming teaching and learning through the disciplines. Harvard Education Press.

Check it out here.

Upending Colonial Practices: Toward Repairing Harm in English Education. (2019). WITH co-authors C. V. de los Ríos, D. C. Martinez, A. Canady, P. Camangian, & P. D. Quijada. Theory Into Practice, 58(4), 359-367.

Read it here.

ELA as English Language Abolition: Toward a Pedagogy of Communicative Belonging. (Under review.). WITH co-authors M. Souto-Manning & D. C. Martinez.

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Select Partnerships

Client 2

Jacquie Forbes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at Dickinson College

Dissertation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021): "So We Made Our Own Table": An Exploration of Three Black Educational Organizations in Atlanta

Client 3

Adam DeLeon, S.J., Ed.D.

Faculty at Loyola High School Detroit

Dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania (2021): "The Dark Past Has Taught Us ... The Hope that the Present Has Brought Us": How Race and Religion Inform Theology Instruction at Jesuit Schools

Client 5

Maisie L. Gholson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Education, at the University of Michigan

Plenary Paper at the Mathematics Education and Society Conference 11 (2021): The Social Construction of Children and Childhood in Mathematics: A Case for Blackgirl Mathematics within the African Diaspora

Client 6


Practicing social science for a better world.

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"Nothing could be worse than a return to normality."

Arundhati Roy (2020), Azadi: Freedom. Fascism. Fiction.

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